Private Speaking Voice Coaching – Convince with your Voice!

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Did you know that the words you use actually only make up 7% of your communication when it comes to feelings and attitude? To put it bluntly: HOW you say something matters much more than WHAT you say. You probably already know the impact of non-verbal communication like body language. But did you ever think about the impact of your voice?

Our voice is a prominent element that illustrates the mind-body connection. How you feel will have an impact on your sound. And how you sound will undoubtedly have a big impact on how your message resonates with the person you address. But what if the sound of your voice does not fit your desired message? And what if you harm your voice, because the way you’re using it is not functional?

Discover the many ways in which you can support and reinforce your message with your voice in a healthy and scientifically based manner.


You will learn to use your voice in a flexible way, so that you can healthily support and reinforce your message with confidence, at all times. While singing, you become acquainted with all the colors of your voice. You can then use those new skills in your speech. The result is a creative, powerful and functional voice. You speak with authenticity and impact by creating a connection with your audience.

Um. Did you say while singing?

Yes! In my work as a voice coach, I feel that the goal is always the same: My clients want to touch people’s hearts with their voice, whether that be in singing or speaking.

The way you use your voice does not differ in singing and speaking. In singing, you more often use the extremes in terms of volume, intonation, timbre and the likes, but we also use those extremes in speaking! Or we shoùld use them…

That’s why I want you to sing. While singing, you enter new territory. There, your muscle memory is not as stuck as it is in speaking. You discover the infinite possibilities much faster. The muscles of your voice become acquainted with new movements and make them their own. Once you have awakened that new, flexible use of muscle in singing, you make the transition to speaking, and you incorporate the new skills. The result is a creative, powerful and functional voice.

The goal is speaking. The way towards it is singing.


For team leaders, salespeople, telephonists, management assistants, public speakers, actors, teachers, presenters, trainers,… and anyone who wants to be able to speak functionally.

  • Does your message come across differently than you mean?
  • Do you suffer from hoarseness or pain in your voice after a presentation, meeting or working day?
  • Do you find it difficult to present your ideas?
  • Do your colleagues regularly misunderstand you?
  • Do you have trouble being heard during meetings?
  • Do your colleagues experience you as too hard or too soft, too much or too little present?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety and stress related to speaking?
  • Do you find it difficult to create a connection with your audience during a presentation?


  • You understand how communication works and are aware of the importance of a dynamic voice in functional communication.
  • You are able to take care of your voice through healthy techniques.
  • You can use your voice strategically.
  • Your voice is a tool for creating a connection with your audience.
  • You can convince people with expressive communication.
  • You are able to use your voice in a flexible and creative manner and adapt it to the situation.
  • You speak with authenticity and impact.
  • You have control over your voice, so that you can support and reinforce your message at all times, with confidence.
  • You can manage stress and anxiety while speaking.


Most people understand why an actor needs voice coaching. But other professional voice users – like you? – might need a little more explanation…

You have complete confidence in your ideas, but your stress or even fear of speaking makes you appear insecure during the presentation. How do you manage your voice during important moments so that you speak with confidence?

As a dynamic trainer and teacher, you activate your participants and students, which sometimes makes the group noisy. How do you create enough volume without harming your voice? And how do you ensure that you continue to radiate calmness during that loud use of voice?

Big discussion at the office. Naturally, your voice follows the extreme emotions. And then, you receive a phone call from an important client. How do you make sure that you sound calm, friendly and professional instantly, even though you don’t feel like that?

You enthusiastically pitch your ideas during meetings, but you notice that afterwards you suffer from a tired voice. How do you ensure that you sound dynamic in a healthy way?

As a supervisor, you often have feedback conversations, whereby some employees have to deal with a difficult message. How do you adjust your voice to this delicate situation?

As an actor, you sometimes have to make extreme sounds such as growl, distortion and screams, to give your character credibility. Which techniques enable you to do this in a safe manner?

During a sales talk, you feel that the status of your interlocutor is growing above yours. How do you vocally make sure that you don’t get surpassed, so that you continue to radiate confidence?

As a confident person, getting attention is no problem for you. But what if you are sometimes experienced as being too present? How can you use your voice so that you can adjust your volume and timbre in every situation?

Your goal as a public speaker is to evoke a wide range of emotions in your audience. Which voice techniques can support this?


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Sarah, the trainer, is passionate and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is a barrel filled with knowledge and being a talented vocalist, she is able to illustrate all the examples perfectly. Next to that, she is able to analyze in a detailed way the participants’ strong points and working points. The training is structured in a logical, constructive way.”

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