Private Speaking Voice Coaching

What is the definition of a speaker?
If you open you mouth, want to say “Hello!” and you succeed… Then you’re a speaker. but if you would like to have a more specific description: Actors, salespeople, presenters, management assistants, entrepreneurs, teachers,… But actually everybody could benefit from speaking voice coaching  🙂

Our voice is an eminent element that illustrates the mind-body connection. How you feel will have an impact on your sound. And how you sound will undoubtedly have a big impact on how your message resonates with the person you address. But what if the sound of your voice does not fit your desired message?

It is possible to color your voice, so that she illustrates 100% what you want to say at that moment. Today, you want to sound warm, gentle and understanding. But perhaps tomorrow, self-confidence and purposefulness will have priority. Everything is possible. Get to know your voice and discover the many options that are available to support your message in a healthy and scientifically sound manner. Yes, also effects like distortion, creaking, rattle,… can be used healthily.

You will be amazed by how all the options can enrich our message. Watch the below video to see a few of the examples.

Most people find it normal that an actor takes voice coaching. But some other voice users, like for example entrepreneurs, might need a bit more explanation. Hence, some situation sketches…

Big discussion at the office. Naturally, your voice follows the extreme emotions. an then, you receive a phone call from an important client. How do you make sure that you sound calm, friendly and professional instantly, even though you don’t feel like that?

As you are a teacher, you often have to talk to big groups of loud children. And as a music teacher, you have to combat vocally with the instruments they play. How do you produce volume without harming your voice? And how do you make sure that you keep exuding calmness, despite the loud use of your voice?

During a sales talk, you feel that the status of your interlocutor is growing above yours. How do you vocally make sure that you don’t get surpassed, so that you continue to radiate self confidence?

The goal of an actor is to be able to evoke all emotions possible within the audience. Which techniques can support this goal?

As CEO, you have a voice that emits authority and self confidence, what plays to your advantage in many situations. But now, you engage in a conversation with an employee that needs comprehension and softness. How do you adapt your voice to this delicate situation?

A few reactions from participants of the workshop CVT for speakers

Fantastic training by a passionate coach and singer, that reveals all kinds of secrets about the voice. I have discovered new techniques in an interesting and original manner!

Although a very a-typical training for people with a technical background, this is one of the best trainings I have ever attended. The trainer was very good. If there would be a sequel, I would book it immediately.

Great trainer, perfect control of the matter, taught very lively and interesting. First class!

Every minute was filled with interesting info, the trainer was perfectly prepared.

Sarah, the trainer, is passionate and her enthusiasm is contagious. she is a barrel filled with knowledge and being a talented vocalist, she is able to illustrate all the examples perfectly. Next to that, she is able to analyze in a detailed way the participants’ strong points and working points. The training is structured in a logical, constructive way.

It was a very interesting training, with theory that was richly complemented with nice examples.

Very good training with a lot of interaction. You really learn something. Very inspiring teacher with a lot of knowledge.

Sarah is a very inspiring teacher! The content of the training was also very interesting.

Very good training. The trainer spoke with a lot of knowledge.

The training was filled with examples and exercises. This made sure that there was never a dull moment. I didn’t have any trouble with being attentive for the whole day.

A Group Lesson Intro to Complete Vocal Technique before you start private sessions is recommended, but certainly not obliged.
The first private appointment is always an Intake Session. After that, you go on with Singing Lessons or Vocal Coaching.
Please, also read the Practical Agreements, so you know what to expect and how to prepare.