Sarah Algoet – Biography

Sarah loves to think and act out of the box! Her first conservatory educations focused on classical singing, but very soon, she felt that she wanted more. Intensive courses in many different methods gave her the technical basis to use her voice in a very versatile way. From classical to heavy rock, from musical to intimate jazz, Sarah sings it all.

In 2007, Sarah has founded singsing!, a successful private school and coaching practice for singers and speakers. She offers online and in person private and group lessons, as well as workshops, masterclasses, voice retreats and travels, in Dutch, English and French. She also teaches at the invitation of universities, colleges, hospitals, academies, choirs, companies,… worldwide. As a voice teacher and vocal coach, her versatility and the fact that she keeps on educating herself on voice science and as much voice methods as possible, is a big strength. Now, a classical soprano comes for coaching, then a metal singer with a heavy grunt, and after that, an entrepreneur that wants to learn how to speak with impact.

From January 2011 to September 2012, Sarah was visiting professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (dept. Musical Theatre). Sarah is also regularly invited as vocal coach in studio or on location, for solo singers as well as for groups. Out of curiosity and hunger for knowledge, Sarah also performs scientific voice research since 2012. As a result, she’s often an invited lecturer at the many international congresses, conferences and symposia she visits.

Her conviction that Belgium was in need of a central association that unites voice pedagogues, led to her founding (the Belgian voice teachers association) in 2011, together with Lieve Jansen, with which Belgium became the 20th country to join EVTA, the European umbrella association for voice teachers.

Sarah has extensive experience at home and abroad as soloist, ensemble and studio singer in the classical and modern genres. She has also written and published music.

In 2019, Sarah has launched, a webshop with drawings for her colleague-voice experts.