Sarah Algoet, Voice Teacher & Vocal Coach


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Because your voice deserves to be heard

Using your voice in a strategic, creative, functional and healthy manner? Learn it here! You’re welcome online and in person; in English, Dutch and French. In Belgium, you can book appointments in Ghent and Kortrijk; in Spain this is possible in Llíber, Costa Blanca. Read my philosophy and discover whether I’m the teacher and coach you’re looking for. If you need a little more help clarifying what you’re looking for, click here, here and here for a few blogposts in which I’ll get you started with important questions to ask yourself.

Since 2007, I teach private & group lessons; give coachings and lectures; lead workshops and masterclasses, all over the world. I work with singers and speakers with very different backgrounds. From amateur to professional, from artistic to business, from absolute fun to scientifically proven. Read all about it in my biography.

Are you looking for a dry summary of my education and experience? You’ll find everything in my CV.

As I specialize in the holistic approach, I have gathered around me a team of people that are also of service to you and your voice: ENT-specialists, speech therapists, osteopaths & chiropractors, nutritionists, psychotherapists, language coaches, recording studios,… If necessary, I can connect you to the right person.

I get to work with people that trust me with their voice on such a personal and sometimes emotional journey. What an honor!

The European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA) has invited me to lead a co-teaching demonstration masterclass at the Pan European Voice Conference (PEVoC) in August 2019 in Copenhagen. In this video, you can see my work with the lovely Filomena Croce.