Discover the private school & coaching practice for singers & speakers of Sarah Algoet.
You are welcome for offline lessons, as well as online, in Dutch, French and English.

Using your voice in a strategic, creative, functional and healthy manner? Learn it here! Discover what I have to offer you in the menu above and don’t forget to read my vision.

Since 2007, I organize private & group lessons and coaching, lectures, workshops and masterclasses in Belgium and abroad. I work with singers and speakers with very different backgrounds. From amateur to professional, from artistic to business, from therapeutic to scientific.

As I specialize in the holistic approach, I have gathered around me a team of people that are also of service to you and your voice: ENT-specialists, speech therapists, osteopaths & chiropractors, nutritionists, psychotherapists, language coaches, recording studios,…

If necessary, I can refer you directly, so you end up very quickly with the right person.

By further training myself continuously and conducting scientific research, I search for the knowledge and ability to coach voices in every genre and to help them prepare for every possible situation. My ultimate goal is to guide singers and speakers in producing all sounds that suit their identity and message in a healthy manner.

Being able to work with people that trust me with their voice on such a personal and sometimes emotional journey, makes me grateful. What a fulfilling job I have…

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